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    Med en pull up bar kan du bruge din egen kropsvgt til at trne din krop. Du kan hnge den op derhjemme, hvilket gr, at du kan trne, nr du har lyst. Vr dog opmrksom p, om din drkarm, vg eller loft kan holde til, at du hnger pull up barren op.

    My! My! she called, coming closer. What is this I hear from Jeff?Being shaved of the thick iron-gray beard, and once again in seemly uniform, and having reported to the commandant, he sat down to talk with his wife.En pull up bar har lnge vret et populrt trningsredskab i de danske fitnesscentre. Nu er det ogs blevet muligt for dig at have en pull up bar derhjemme. Dermed kan du trne, nr du vil, hvilket kan gre det nemmere for dig at passe trningen ind i en travl hverdag, og er en fordel for dig, der er ikke bryder dig om fitnesscentre.

    We must open the year 1790 by reverting to the affairs of Britain, and of other countries having an influence on British interests. The Parliament met on the 21st of January; and, in the course of the debate on the Address in the Commons, Fox took the opportunity to laud the French Revolution, and especially the soldiers for destroying the Government which had raised them, and which they had sworn to obey. Burke, in reply, whilst paying the highest compliments to the genius of Fox, and expressing the value which he placed on his friendship, endeavoured to guard the House and country against the pernicious consequences of such an admiration as had been expressed by Fox. He declared the conduct of the troops disgraceful; for instead of betraying the Government, they ought to have defended it so far as to allow of its yielding the necessary reforms. But the so-called reforms in France, he said, were a disgrace to the nation. They had, instead of limiting each branch of the Government for the general good and for rational liberty, destroyed all the balances and counterpoises which gave the State steadiness and security. They had pulled down all things into an incongruous and ill-digested mass; they had concocted a digest of anarchy called the Rights of Man, which would disgrace a schoolboy; and had laid the axe to the root of all property by confiscating[371] that of the Church. To compare that revolution with our glorious one of 1688, he said, was next to blasphemy. They were diametrically opposed. Ours preserved the Constitution and got rid of an arbitrary monarch; theirs destroyed the Constitution and kept a monarch who was willing to concede reforms, but who was left helpless. Fox replied that he had been mistaken by his most venerated and estimable friend; that he was no friend to anarchy and lamented the cruelties that had been practised in France, but he considered them the natural result of the long and terrible despotism which had produced the convulsion, and that he had the firmest hopes that the French would yet complete their Constitution with wisdom and moderation. Here the matter might have ended, but Sheridan rose and uttered a grand but ill-considered eulogium on the French Revolution, and charged Burke with being an advocate of despotism. Burke highly resented this; he made a severe reply to Sheridan; and instead of the benefits which he prognosticated, Burke, with a deeper sagacity, declared that the issue of that revolution would be not only civil war but many other wars.Med en pull up bar bruger du din egen vgt til at trne med. Du hiver dig op i armene og trner dermed kun med din egen kropsvgt. De helt simple barrer bestr bare af en stang, som du holder fast i. De mere avancerede har bekldte greb, hvilket gr det nemmere for dig at holde fast.

    Pull up bars

    Sdan bruger du en pull up bar

    Her fr du tre trin til hvordan du laver pull ups:

    [See larger version]She asked what he had thought of doing about it.1. Dine arme skal vre placeret lidt bredere end skulderbredde p stangen.

    Vol IV CHAPTER I THE REIGN OF ANNE (concluded).2. Derefter trkker du dig selv op, s din hage kommer over baren.

    3. Snk dig langsomt ned i strakte arme, og fortst velsen.


    So he was near her again. She had not seen him in many months, but she had felt that he must be always,[Pg 109] as he had been through those days in the fastnesses of the Sierra Blanca, following her afar off, yet near enough to warn her, if need arose. She was too superstitious to watch him out of sight, and she turned back into the house, followed by Miss McLane, just as stable call sounded, and the white-clad soldiers tramped off to the corrals.Their morning work consisted of investigating the hangar, outside and inside.Hvis du mestrer ovenstende, s er du rigtig godt i gang med at bruge din pull up bar.

    In October of this year Chatham at length resigned, and Parliament assembled on the 8th of November. The two great objects which engrossed the attention of Government in these days were North America and John Wilkes. The news of the Act imposing import duties had reawakened all the indignation of the people of Massachusetts. The Bostonians took immediate steps to realise their doctrines. In October, 1767, the chief men there met, and entered into a bond to purchase or wear no English manufacture, but to encourage domestic manufacture till these obnoxious import duties were withdrawn. The Massachusetts Assembly passed strong resolutions to the same effect, and Mr. James Otis, who had been most active in contending for them, exerted himself, through the press, to circulate them all over America. Causes were not long wanting for testing the resolution of the people of Massachusetts. The governor of that colony, Francis Bernard, was precisely the man to bring the matter to a crisis. He was able, determined, and of a hot temper. The people hated him, because they knew that he was writing home despatches full of the most unfavourable representations of their proceedings and designs. He refused to confirm the nomination of such members of the council as he knew were opposed to the new regulation; and Lord Shelburne supported him in his act. In consequence, the Assembly addressed a circular letter to all the other colonies, calling on them to unite in defeating the new duties. Bernard in vain opposed the resolution authorising this circular letter; and, on his report, Lord Hillsborough instructed him to demand from the Assembly the rescinding of the resolution. The Assembly refused, declaring that if a British Minister could control the votes of provincial Assemblies, liberty was but a mere show. Lord Hillsborough had instructed Bernard to dissolve the Assembly in case it refused to rescind the resolution. In the meantime, events took place which might have caused a more judicious man to pause ere he fulfilled these instructions.Nedenfor fr du 5 ekstra velser, som du forhbentligt kommer til at kunne bruge p et tidspunkt.


    Disse muskler trner du ved brug af din pull up bar

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Nr du laver pull ups er der hovedsageligt tre led, som er ansvarlige.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}De tre led er skulder, skulderblad og albue.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}De muskler du trner nr du laver pull ups er bryst, biceps, triceps og ryg.


    3 ting du skal huske

    1. Husk at tjekke om der medflger monterings skruer med.
    2. Vr opmrksom p max belastning
    3. For at skne din drkam kan du vlge at putte noget stof ind imellem din pull up bar og drkarmen.

    Hvem kan bruge en pull up bar?

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Her hos pull-up-bar.dk finder du et stort udvalg af forskellige former for pull up bars. Det er med til at gre, at du nemt kan finde den type, der passer til det sted, hvor du gerne vil stte den op, og din mde at trne p.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Pull up bars er typisk mest populre blandt mnd, men bde mnd og kvinder kan bruge dem. De to eneste forudstninger for at bruge dem er, at du interesserer dig for styrketrning, og at du kan lfte din egen kropsvgt.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Kan du endnu ikke lfte din egen kropsvgt, kan du bruge elastikker, der gr det nemmere for dig i starten. Derefter kan du g over til at trne alene ved hjlp af din egen krop.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Selvom du er derhjemme, nr du trner med din pull up bar, br du altid tage trningstj p. Det kan give sig p en anden mde end almindeligt tj kan og er dermed med til at gre, at du kan udfre velserne korrekt.

    Hvor kan jeg stte min pull up bar?

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Du kan stte din pull up bar op flere forskellige steder. Det giver dig en stor fleksibilitet i forhold til, hvordan du gerne vil trne.


    Montering i loftet og vggen

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}En pull up bar, der er monteret i loftet eller i vggen, er langt mere sikker end de to typer, der er nvnt nedenfor. Det skyldes, at den er fastmonteret hele tiden. Dermed behver du kun at gre det rigtigt en gang.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Det er dog s ogs vigtigt, at du netop fr monteret pull up barren korrekt frste gang. Du skal srge for at tjekke, at vggen eller loftet kan holde til det. Den skal kunne bre hele din kropsvgt i lngere tid. Derfor er det vigtigt, at den er sat ordentligt fast.


    Fastklemt i drkarmen

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Med en pull up bar, som du kan stte fast i en drkarm, kan du spare noget plads. Den er perfekt, hvis du bor i en mindre bolig, hvor du ikke har mulighed for at stte den fast i vggen eller loftet. Du kan tage barren af, nr du er frdig med at bruge den, s du kan bruge dren normalt ogs.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Du skal dog vre opmrksom p, at det ikke er alle drkarme, der kan holde til, at du bruger en pull up bar. Det br du derfor undersge, inden du kber. Dels kan det give skader p drkarmen, nr du stter din pull up bar op. Det kan du afhjlpe ved at stte et stykke stof i klemme mellem drkarmen og barren. Dels er det ikke sikkert, at drkarmen kan holde til den store vgt, som den pludselig skal bre.


    Fleksibelt stativ til haven

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Du kan ogs f pull up bars til udendrsbrug. Det er typisk stativer, som du kan flytte rundt p. Det giver dig en stor fleksibilitet i forhold til, hvor du vil trne. For eksempel kan du trne ude i det fri, nr det er godt vejr, mens du kan rykke den ind under et halvtag, nr det bliver drligt vejr. Fordi stativerne er fritstende og ikke monteret i loftet eller vggen, er de dog ikke helt s holdbare.

    Sdan monterer du en pull up bar

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Nr du kber en pull up bar, br du frst og fremmest tjekke, at alle delene til montering flger med. Gr de ikke det, br du srge for at indkbe dem. Derefter br du lse monteringsvejledningen grundigt, s du er sikker p, at du gr det helt rigtigt.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Du har forhbentlig tjekket, om dine vgge og drkarme kan holde til, at du stter en pull up bar fast. Har du ikke det, er det sidste chance for at gre det. Du kan komme til at gre stor skade p bde boligen og dig selv, hvis din pull up bar falder ned, nr du bruger den.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Du br altid bruge et vaterpas til at sikre dig, at pull up barren kommer til at hnge lige, nr du hnger den op. Det kan forstyrre din trning, hvis den hnger en smule skvt.

    Sdan vlger du den rette pull up bar

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Nr du skal kbe en pull up bar, er der en rkke forskellige detaljer, som du br tnke over. Det er frst og fremmest, om du vil montere den indenfor eller udenfor, og hvor den i s fald skal monteres indenfor. Det er meget forskelligt, hvad der er muligt, alt efter hvor du bor.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Derudover spiller prisen selvflgelig ogs en rolle. Du kan f en helt simpel bar fra omkring 100 kroner, mens de mere avancerede kan koste op til flere tusinde kroner. Der kan alts vre meget stor forskel p, hvad dit budget er.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Nr du kber en pull up bar, br du ogs altid undersge, hvor hj en maxvgt den har. Det er den vgt, som den kan holde til, at du vejer. Derudover skal du selvflgelig ogs undersge vggen/drkarmens maxvgt for at vre sikker p, at du kan bruge din pull up bar der.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Du kan lse mere om styrketrning og velser hos Bodybuilding.dk her.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Vil du booste din trning yderligere, nr du trner med din pull up bar, kan du tage kosttilskud. Proteinpulver er for eksempel med til at hjlpe dig til at opbygge flere muskler. Du kan finde noget af Danmarks bedste proteinpulver her hos Bodylab.dk.


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